In today’s digital world, its easy to discard print media and focus solely on Social Media, PPC, website optimisation and other online media.

However, print is still alive. And in this digital age, perhaps even more relevant and potent than ever before. Consumers are bombarded with ads, emails and online content, so much so that its hard to breakthrough to the right audience.

That’s where print media comes in. Over decades, print has refused to disappear, and with good reason. It works. The response rate of direct mail 37% higher than email marketing, and young people implicitly trusting print more than digital content (somewhat surprisingly). So lets take a closer look at the reasons you should invest in print media for 2020.

1)     Print Is Trustworthy

Research shows that all demographics, including millennials, trust print media much more than any other content they are exposed to. Print media tops TV, Radio, and digital content, with the printed newspapers found to be more trustworthy than their website counterparts.

The reason? Printed media is often considered much less invasive, with no annoying pop-up ads getting in the way. A brochure, magazine or other form of print is a relaxed form of marketing. The consumer can read the content when they choose, without having their Facebook feed interrupted by an ad.

Trust is a huge factor when a customer is choosing a supplier. With print the most trustworthy form of media available, make sure you include it within your marketing strategy.

2)     Print Helps You Reach Your Target Market

Whether it’s a bespoke brochure, targeted Point of Sale material or an exhibition stand, print can help you engage with the right target audience at the right time. Younger generations are starting to ‘unplug’ from their screens, and are actually the largest consumers of print media. So well placed and well designed In-store display units will grab the attention of shoppers young and old. A billboard that proudly shows off your new product will capture attention.

Coupled with increased data about purchasing habits, you can use print to target the right audience at the right time. With it taking on average 12 engagements with a brand before a purchase, adopting this multi-channel strategy at various different touchpoints will help you convert at a higher rate.

3)     Print Is Tangible

There’s nothing quite like a well designed brochure to hold. A large poster advertising a special offer in a shop or restaurant window will entice shoppers and diners in. Seeing and feeling is believing, and these items can stay in windows and on office desks for weeks and months, thus providing excellent value for money when compared to other media who have more of a single use.

4)     Print Is Engaging

Print can be consumed in an easy to read format, improving the experience for a consumer and positioning the brand positively. Print allows you to tell a story effectively, helping to support sales pitches and other marketing efforts.

When a prospect reads your print material, they are more likely to retain it. Studies show that we’re able to retain information read on print better than if we read it online. The reason? Because print is tangible and has impact, the brain is able to process it easier, thus increasing recall. Furthermore, print stimulates a strong emotional response, as proven by the table below:

Print media has a great impact on the reader. Therefore, its important to include within your omnichannel strategy.

5)     Get Higher ROI

With print being more engaging, its no surprise to see that it also drives high Return on Investment. Point of Purchase and Point of Sale material for example targets consumers at the exact time they’re ready to part with some cash.

A well targeted direct mail campaign can engage with an audience who are likely to open the mail and want your product/service. Having the tangible ad means its easy to share too, so even if the original consumer isn’t interested, they can simply pass the print to someone who will be!

Conclusion: Print is Powerful

Think print is dead? Think again. It has the highest engagement, highest recall and highest ROI. Plus, with a wide range of print options available, there are a number of ways to engage at the right time, with the right piece, to the right audience.

Whatever your business, whether you’re a council, restaurant, school or other retail outlet, bespoke print across a number of channels can help promote your brand and increase sales.

There are a number of print options to consider, including:

  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Billboards
  • In-store Display Units
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Corporate Merchandise
  • Signage

Print is powerful. Ensure you include it in your marketing strategy.