Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) are critical to retail success. 

FSDUs are a staple of Point of Sale advertising, as well as holding additional information at events. Promote key products and special offers with a retail solution that can be placed anywhere in store.

Printed in the highest quality using UV fade resistant ink, an FSDU from Dornans will have real impact. As with any of our print solutions, we can create any bespoke display unit. No matter the size or the complexity, we can handle it. Our expert craftsmen will product Point of Sale FSDUs that grab attention, present your products and increase sales.

To begin the process, simply tell us what you hope to achieve from your print and we’ll get to work. From design through to delivery, we’ll take care every step of the way to ensure we exceed your expectations.

More than just print 

Need help designing the perfect FSDU? No problem, our in-house design team will create something that’s not only visually impactful, but also suits the products you want to display. Plus, when the print is complete, we have a range of finishing options to give your FSDU that extra sparkle.

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We can also deliver your finished products nationwide.

Why Use Free Standing Display Units?

Free Standing Display Units have many great advantages: 

  • Increase your products visibility within a busy retail environment.
  • Create a clear display.
  • Control how your product is presented and looks to your consumer.
  • Increase Point of Sale and Point of Purchase sales

A Range of FSDU Options

Classic Free Standing Display Units

Our bespoke FSDUs help keep the presentation of your products completely on brand. Our advanced equipment can cut any shape to provide a high class product that appeals to customers.

Pallet Displays

Improve the visuals of multi packs or large amounts of products with pallet displays. Much larger than traditional FSDUs, these can hold a huge amount of product in an eye catching display.

Dump Bins

Perfect for sale items or a large collection of items, dump bins can be placed at the entrance to a store so that customers can easily grab and carry on with their shopping experience.