Posters remain as a key advertising tool for any business. Whether in-store, at bus stops, on billboards or at events, posters can attract attention and display a persuasive message within a matter of seconds.

Compared to other mass media methods, such as Radio or TV, posters can deliver wide reach at relatively low costs. Local businesses can particularly benefit, as they can place posters in the local catchment area, ensuring that all who see it are the key target market. Posters are also proven to have high recall, meaning that your message and brand is more likely to be digested by the people who matter most.

If you’re trying to improve awareness of your shop, restaurant, event or brand either locally or nationally, a poster campaign can help you reach your target audience in a non-intrusive manner.

At Dornans, we have been providing exceptional print since 1848. In that time, we’ve produced poster campaigns for several brands, including Oasis Academies and Oldham Council. Today, we’re still printing a wide variety of indoor and outdoor posters for all uses. Our advanced machines will provide unrivalled quality, helping your posters to stand-out just that little bit more. Our expert craftsmen will ensure care is taken over each product and, coupled with our expert finishing service, we’ll deliver a poster you’ll be proud of.

To begin the process, simply tell us what you hope to achieve from your print and we’ll get to work. From design through to delivery, we’ll take care every step of the way to ensure we exceed your expectations.

More than just print 

At Dornans, not only can we print a wide variety of different types and sizes of poster to suit requirements, but you’ll also benefit from our in-house creative design and fulfilment services. We’re not your average printers. Our team will offer consultancy, to ensure you get the right product for your needs. We’ll advise on product, finish and much more to ensure you get high quality at the best price.

For our range of posters we also offer a wide selection of finishing options. See our finishing options >

Our account managers will be able to guide you in the perfect finishing for your product.

When Should You Use Posters?

Posters are a great way to get your message across in a clear and distinctive manner. A high-spec poster should be used for:

  • Large format outdoor advertising
  • Property Offers
  • Election Campaigns
  • Outside store to display offers
  • Inside store to display offers
  • Product Presentations
  • Events

A Range of Poster Options

Indoor Posters

Stand out from the crowd with our indoor posters, perfect for in-store or in-restaurant display. We offer a full range of sizes, including custom sizes for those particularly bespoke jobs. We can even provide double-side printers for display windows

All Weather Posters

Our water resistant posters are ideal if you’re promoting your message outdoors. Our special cardboard is varnished to provide complete protection. It will battle against the elements and is far superior to standard poster print, which will likely curl when exposed to poor weather.

Corrugated Posters

Need more than just all-weather? Our corrugated posters are great for those in seaside towns or areas of high wind and rainy weather, such as the Lake District. Corrugated posters are great for election campaigns as they are UV resistant so have great longevity